BREAKING: MFAA extends Diploma deadline

by Mackenzie McCarty23 May 2012

The MFAA has announced that it has postponed the deadline for the completion of the Diploma, due to a 'massive backlog' in processing last minute enrolments.

At its conference in Adelaide, CEO Phil Naylor said members would need to enrol by 30 June, but now had until 31 January 2013 to complete them.

In addition, the MFAA announced $2.4m in government funding to help members complete the Diploma.

Naylor said the funding would be allocated to about 3000 of the association's newest members, who would have the cost of the course subsidised by up to two thirds.

Naylor said those who can benefit must have enrolled by 15 June, but can't yet have completed their study.

Naylor said the changes were about getting members across the line, with only 70% of its membership having been on track to complete the Diploma by the previous deadline.


  • by evan 23/05/2012 4:30:43 PM

    what about funding for the people who have done the right thing and have the diploma completed on time ?

  • by Jack 23/05/2012 4:38:19 PM

    Hmm me thinks that's just a cover. Is it really a Backlog?? or is it because they are losing so many members as a result of their pigheaded approach to make brokers incur a cost to get a qualification that is not even required by ASIC?? What about teh 30 cpd points? will they back down on that as well. Thank goodness for the FBAA

  • by Perth Broker 23/05/2012 4:39:37 PM

    Having made the effort to complete the Diploma by the supposed "Deadline" I am angry that the MFAA has capitulated. Members have known of the deadline for over a year. I can only think that the 70% they stated who had completed the diploma was grossly overstated and that they realised that come the 30th June they would lose a majority of their members. Can we take anything they say seriously from now on?