Broker throws Queensland data open to lenders

by Mackenzie McCarty19 Jun 2012

A top brokerage has opened up all its Queensland loan volume and broker data for its lender partners.

In a move Loan Market's Queensland state manager Andrew White said demonstrates the broker group's commitment to transparency, he said most broker groups protected such information.

"Our growth depends on mutual success and we want to give our lender partners every tool possible to do their jobs, and reach their goals,” White said.

A lender communication newsletter will now be sent to lenders on a monthly basis, which includes a complete broker list, a lender market share report and a six monthly ranking of the state's brokers.

“In Queensland we work collaboratively for mutual success," White said. "It makes sense to be transparent. We even sit down and share business plans. I love our relationship with our lenders."

White said he had no fear lenders would pass on the data to its competitors.

"I think we trust our lender partners enough to give them everything, why wouldn't we? Even if one person did pass it on, I back our model and our team to be impervious to any recruitment drive.

"Happy brokers, happy managers and happy lenders make a strong team, I am proud of being transparent, and so is my team."

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  • by Anonymous 19/06/2012 11:30:43 AM

    GOOD JOB LOAN MARKET! Now let's see the competitors follow suit!

  • by Positive Broker 19/06/2012 4:25:56 PM

    Not sure what other brokers think but I would not want my aggregator to pass any information on to lenders. It would just encourage further segmentation which is detrimental to the majority of brokers who aren't writing $5m plus per month.