Brokers want more, but slow to move

by Mackenzie McCarty20 Jul 2012

A teaser from Macquarie Practice Consulting's Mortgage Broking Benchmarking Report shows the majority of brokers want to integrate more services - but are failing to make significant moves.

Statistics from Macquarie's latest report, to be released officially next week, found that 67% of brokers plan to integrate new services into their business within three years time.

Macquarie said the most popular add-ons for broking firms would be superannuation and insurance.

However, 78% of brokers still expect the majority of their revenue will come from home loans, with previous hopes for commercial, leasing and insurance income boosts having decreased or remained flat.

Despite the interest in integrating new services - which is mirrored in the financial advice profession - Macquarie said brokers have not made significant moves, and could benefit from working with financial planners.

Macquarie's 2012 Mortgage Broking Benchmarking Report surveyed 200 brokers across the country.