Broking HOT: Who's the best built broker in Australia?

by BN02 Nov 2012

What does it take to be the best built broker in Australia?

As our winner Rebekah Gould of Smartline says, it's certainly not giving up the things you love.

"I have a bad case of FOMO (fear of missing out) so the thought of not being able to eat something when I want to would just make me want it more," Gould says.

"So if I really want it, then I have it but I don't ever over-do it."

The impressive photographic evidence of Gould's toned physique, published in edition 9.21 of Australian Broker, impressed our judges enough to win her our free offered bottle of wine.

So it's just as well that wine is still a part of her winning diet.

“I love a good red, good food, good company and the cosy feeling they all create and I don't want to ever give that up so balance is the secret I guess," she said.

Gould was not alone in demonstrating that there are indeed mortgage brokers across Australia who can demonstrate nigh on Olympian bodies that carry them through their busy loan writing weeks.

Runner up George Antonas of Invest Loan, who also admits to the odd indulgence in chocolate, coffee and ice cream, said his secret is an overall basic healthy eating plan.

"If I can weat well five to six days of the week then I normally have one where I indulge," he says.

Congratulations to our winner and entrants for participating in the competition, and the team at Australian Broker hopes more of the industry are inspired to emulate their efforts.