CBA called on to stop blaming brokers

by Adam Smith24 Feb 2012

The Commonwealth Bank has been criticised over claims brokers need to skill up to improve submission quality.

Commonwealth Bank executive general manager of third party and mobile banking Kathy Cummings has called for practical certifications to improve broker conversion rates. But FBAA president Peter White has told Australian BrokerNews CBA must take responsibility for its own systems and training issues.

"It wasn't that long ago that CBA were in the press stating their systems and training would basically take care of poor broker submissions. That must not have worked, so let's get someone else to do it," White said.

"Blaming the brokers is not the answer. Getting someone else to do your work is not the answer, especially when they don't have the skillset to do it. Taking responsibility for your own issues and doing something about it yourself is," he said.

White claimed that brokers were often asked to resubmit information that had already been supplied, and said this signified "incompetence somewhere". He argued that while "slackness" in supplying documents was unacceptable on the part of the broker, varying banks systems and "degrees of bank staff competencies" made it difficult for brokers to correctly submit information.

"One answer might be consistency between the banks and lenders: one common platform, one common application form, one common list of requirements, one common process," he said.

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  • by Damien Natoli 24/02/2012 8:56:33 AM

    Peter White, you are a Star and the sole reason I dumped the MFAA and joined the FBAA, I love your honesty and integrity which is something that is seriously lacking at the MFAA.

  • by Choice Broker 24/02/2012 9:48:16 AM

    Peter, you have hit the nail on the head.
    Thank you !

  • by Kate 24/02/2012 9:48:50 AM

    Fantastic - at last some COMMON SENSE
    thank you