Choice links with Mortgage Ezy

by Adam Smith13 Feb 2012

Choice Aggregation Services has announced an expansion of its panel with the addition of Mortgage Ezy.

Choice CEO Stephen Moore touted the addition of the mortgage manager, saying Mortgage Ezy provided an attractive proposition to the company's brokers.

"The competitive range of Mortgage Ezy products, notably with no clawbacks for brokers, together with their focus on servicing the broker channel will provide another real alternative for Choice members," Moore said.

Mortgage Ezy CEO Garry Driscoll said the lender shared a similar "cultural ethos" with Choice, and vowed to provide a "higher level of competition" to the aggregator's members.

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  • by Meeeeezy 13/02/2012 3:30:18 PM

    I used MEZY several times in a past life when the deals were hard to get accross the line and having someone like a mortgage manager that has its own DUA, good funders and good range of products, was a very acceptable lender choice for some types of clients. Glad to have them aboard with Choice.

  • by Harry Z 2/07/2012 2:41:55 PM

    I have been with Mortgage Ezy for 4.5 years. I have to say hands down they are the worst borrower i have ever dealt with. They hike their interest more than anyone else when the RBA puts them up and reduce the least when they go down. When i changed from my previous borrower i was 0.75% lower now I am 0.75% higher. My wife still has a loan with the borrower I changed from. WARNING they will draw you in with initial cheap rates and when your're in they will go to town on you. Do yourself a favour and go with someone else.

  • by CharlieG 23/12/2012 1:15:17 AM

    I send the comment made by Harry Z. I got stuck with Mortgage Ezy for a full five years and have been gouged by them non-stop - a year ago I was being charged more interest than the big four banks. When I asked for a more competitive rate, they offered an insulting 0.01% discount. I went to the actual lender and complained, Mortgage Ezy came back to me with "we had a win with the lender, we'll give you 1% off". which brought my mortgage under the big 4 but still not particularly competitive.
    As of today they offering 6.09% variable rate on a professional pack, this is .2% less than my mortgage which is supposedly the pro-pack. I cannot wait to get away from this company.
    Oh and be warned, even if you're out of the five year break costs time period, they will still gouge you over a $1000 to leave them.
    Do yourselves a favour - do not go with this company unless you are desperate and cannot get a loan any other way. Then leave them as quickly as possible, and go with a decent lender such as a credit union!