Daily client contact goal a 'reaffirmation of faith'

by Adam Smith30 May 2012

Prospecting for new clients should be a daily part of a broker’s schedule, according to one sales expert.

MetLife senior vice president Joe Jordan has commented that brokers should make a daily commitment to find new clients, even if it’s a task they dread.

“Every time I talk to salespeople, one thing they don’t like to do and that they wish they could really avoid is to face rejection or get a prospect on the phone who tells them no,” he said.

While most salespeople fear rejection, Jordan argued brokers must conquer their fears and seek out new clients rather than relying solely on referrals or walk-ins.

“If you’re not prospecting, you might as well go to the post office and get that job now. People ain’t lining up to see you. You’ve got to go out there,” he said.

Jordan encouraged brokers that their service was worthwhile, saying they were crucial in consumers’ securing what is likely to be the largest investment of their lives, and one that will hopefully outlive them. The significance of this role, Jordan said, should spur brokers to talk to new clients.

“Don’t just make it a labour. Do it for the fact that you could do something more significant and worthwhile than any of your predecessors were able to do,” Jordan said.

With this in mind, Jordan urged brokers to set a tangible goal for client prospecting.

“If that’s the one thing you hate to do, one thing you should do is set up a daily contact commitment. The day doesn’t go by that you don’t ask X number of new people to see you,” he said.

“What’s important about that is you’re managing to effort, not results. You don’t control your results. The only thing you control is your effort,” Jordan added.

Jordan argued that “positive action always leads to positive thoughts”, and said that prospecting for new clients can help brokers remain motivated in their career.

“I don’t think this is just some exercise you do. I think it’s a reaffirmation of faith that you do something worthwhile,” he said.