D-Day will come, just not for a while

by BN30 May 2012

The MFAA has put off its Diploma reckoning until next year, but were you  happy with the decision?

At its annual convention, CEO Phil Naylor said the deadline for achieving its minimum Diploma qualification would be postponed due to a massive backlog of members who had not achieved it.

 But were you happy with this decision? Yes or no? Have your say here!


  • by Tom 30/05/2012 10:49:28 AM


  • by Rach 30/05/2012 10:54:35 AM

    Not at all happy. We all knew it was due by, and some of us found the time, did it and paid for it. (And with RPL really not very hard AT ALL...) Why should they get a reprieve just because they couldn't be bothered to get it organised ?

  • by Qld broker 30/05/2012 10:58:03 AM

    But weren't they just telling us a few weeks ago that almost everybody was meeting the deadline. More MFAA lies. Glad I switched to the FBAA