Equipment brokers’ marketing needs ‘overlooked’

by Caroline Dann03 Sep 2012

Marketing company Your Client Matters is launching a program aimed squarely at equipment and finance brokers, whose needs “have been overlooked.”

The ‘Better Business’ course will run throughout September and October in Brisbane, Adelaide, Sydney, Perth and Melbourne.
Your Client Matters’ general manager Linda Wienholt told Australian Broker Online it would focus on lead generations, fostering relationships and the characteristics of commercial clients.
“The marketing needs of this sector have been overlooked for a number of years, mainly due to a few issues [including] small number of brokers, small number of clients and the diverse nature of finance offered by commercial and equipment brokers,” she said.
Wienholt believes public perception of commercial brokers is another factor.
“Through our research we have found that clients often use their commercial broker for one type of finance but do not realise that their broker can provide other services.” 
She hopes the course will “increase repeat business from existing clients as well as the acquisition of new clients.”