Equity release association honoured

by Mackenzie McCarty22 Nov 2012

The Senior Australians Equity Release Association (SEQUAL) has been awarded ‘The Most Outstanding Over 50s Public Policy Advocate in Australasia’ award by the Over 50`s Housing Industry Association at its International Conference in Melbourne.

In accepting the award, SEQUAL Chairman, John Thomas, said he was honoured to accept the award and was very proud of the work SEQUAL was doing to allow seniors to access the equity in their homes.

Thomas says research shows the majority of seniors want to stay in their own homes as long as they can and that SEQUAL has made this a priority – something which, he believes, is the reason the Over 50’s Housing Industry Association chose to award the company.

“The award is for taking a position on public and government policy on how seniors are treated in relation to the use of their home in order to reach financial goals which are specific to seniors, such as enry into aged care, or home care.”