Facebook campaign a learning experience

by Mackenzie McCarty15 May 2012

Melbourne-based mortgage broker Hany Pham of Central Choice said his business has learned a lot about Facebook as a result of a campaign that significantly spiked it's Facebook page views.

Australian Broker last week reported that Central Choice had offered an iPad 3 via Facebook, as part of a consumer competition to guess how many basis points ANZ would adjust their rates on Friday.

The campaign created a massive viral effect on its Facebook page, with 6,958 views last week, up from 100 per week prior to the campaign. Pham said this made the campaign "overwhelmingly positive".

However, Pham said he had learned a lot from the campaign that he might do differently next time.

"In order to create maximum reach, we created an event so that we would be able to message all of the guests," Pham explained. "While this caused a large spike in views every time we sent out an update, some people responded that the communications were slightly too frequent. Due to the number of people sharing the competition, it also dominated their newsfeeds," he said.

Pham said that while social media is extremely effective in capturing a large audience very quickly, there is a point of saturation where it starts becoming a turn off for some people.

The business also only received 60 entries from the close to 7000 views, which Pham said was surprising, given the fact the business was giving away the very popular iPad product.

"One of the rules of the competition was that in order to be eligible, you needed to share the competition on your own page," Pham said. "We did this in order to create the maximum viral effect and it created some very interesting responses. Some people were happy to promote it to all of their friends, whilst others were actually resistant about sharing the competition on their own page."

Pham said the campaign has resulted in a number of new client enquiries.

"It was a great way to reach out to our existing clients, and we received very positive feedback on this front," he said. "There were also great flow-on effects. For instance, a number of new referral partners got in contact with us and wanted to explore joint marketing initiatives."

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