Former broker in business charity push

by Mackenzie McCarty19 Apr 2012

A former NSW-based broker has launched a business designed to increase business contributions to charity.

The new initiative, coined 'Do You Do Charity?', aims to encourage businesses to pledge a percentage of their upfront sales to charity, donated only if a consumer asks the 'trigger' question.

The idea means charities could benefit from increased donations, consumers can choose businesses who give to charity, and businesses benefit from  goodwill and recommendations.

Founder Michael Pollard said the idea came from his experiences after leaving mortgage broking.

“With my first stroke in 2005, I retired from active participation in mortgage broking," he said.

"But during this time, it became evident that not enough money was being made available to those people and organisations that can really use the funds, be it hospitals, charities and the like.”

Pollard said he designed a system based on his experience as a self-employed business owner.

Under Do You Do Charity?, businesses will elect to donate a minimum of 1% of their upfront sales if prompted by a customer. They also pay an initial membership fee, which Pollard says will fund social media campaigns to raise the Do You Do Charity? profile in the minds of the public.

Pollard said it was about bringing the values he had employed as a mortgage broker - lending a helping hand to clients - back to the charity sector.

“Throughout my working life in this industry I looked after people from Coolangatta in the North, to Bega in the South,” Pollard said.

“It was old-style broking – whatever somebody wanted, it was all about finding the best thing that suits them,” he said. This is why Do You Do Charity? applies the same mentality. We are here to help charities, and Do You Do Charity? is the most likely way that I can do it,” he said.

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  • by Michael 24/04/2012 12:41:35 PM

    Good to see that someone is willing to "put back". We see this as a great way to improve our level of business, at no effectively cost to our company.