Former SEQUAL CEO lands new role

by Mackenzie McCarty21 Nov 2012
The former CEO of SEQUAL has found a new home in the equity release market.

Kevin Conlon, who left SEQUAL after the association decided it no longer needed a chief executive, has taken over the role of general manager, business and professional development at Domacom.

Referring to the Domacom's products as "second generation" equiity release products, Conlon says the need for the equity release market to extend its reach beyond traditional bank-funded and debt-based products is well overdue.

“The number of reverse mortgage providers has fallen dramatically since the Global Financial Crisis at the same time as demand from senior Australians continues to grow and a better solution had to be found.”
Domacom enables owners of property to unlock equity in their homes by giving investors the opportunity to purchase a partial interest in these properties, down to 1%of a whole property's value.