Giving back sees broker reap rewards

by Adam Smith09 Mar 2012

When Amber Linzer of Mortgage Fair in Elsternwick in Victoria became an ambassador for non-profit 10thousandgirl, reaping business benefits from her involvement was not her goal. But Linzer has said giving back to the community can bring some tangible rewards.

10thousandgirl is focused on creating financial literacy among women, providing everything from personal finance lessons for Australian women to micro-finance loans to women in developing nations. Linzer said her involvement initially grew out of her passion to see women become financially savvy.

“I got involved about a year-and-a-half ago by becoming a business sponsor. They have a life planning workshop which leads into a personal finance program. Women aged between 18 and 60 came in for the day, and they had a facilitator take them through setting goals, building a budget, figuring out where their money is going and what they want to do with it moving forward,” she said.

But Linzer said her business has also seen a boost as a result of her involvement.

“We have gotten loan appointments out of it from people seeing what they can borrow after doing the class. We’ve become that source of information where people go to for financial knowledge,” she said.

Linzer urged brokers to consider involving themselves in a charitable activity close to their hearts, indicating that it was good business as well as good civic citizenship.

“It creates opportunities, and it helps you even on the social media side as well. A lot of companies, once you’re aligned with them, are happy to promote you through their social media networks. People do contact you through that, especially if you’re aligned with a trusted organisation,” she said.

Engaging with charitable causes can also increase brokers’ standing in the community, Linzer said.

“It’s not only good in the sense of getting clients. It’s also good to show your wider referral group that you’re invested in something that’s not just about money,” Linzer said.