Homeside rebrand more than 'sticker and pretty colours'

by Adam Smith07 Feb 2012

NAB has announced new efforts to bring Homeside closer to the major bank brand, by creating a "stronger visual link" through a new re-branding campaign.

NAB has announced new branding for its Homeside business which will include the familiar black, red and white colour palette associated with the bank, as well as its red star logo.

NAB Broker general manager of distribution John Flavell said the branding would serve as a "visual cue" to consumers to aid brokers explaining the Homeside proposition.

"The newly branded Homeside provides brokers with a greater opportunity to leverage the power of the NAB brand, and for consumers it provides confidence and assurance in what they will get from Homeside," Flavell said.

Flavell argued the re-brand was more than a "sticker and pretty colours", and represented changes made over the last several years to make Homeside products competitive and improve the bank's service to brokers. The rebrand will be evident in a new website, to which Flavell said brokers can direct clients, and new brochures explaining Homeside products to consumers.

Flavell said despite any separation between Homeside and NAB-branded products, NAB Broker would work to provide "a seamless offering" with a "more integrated" service across the bank's range of mortgage products.

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  • by SMc 7/02/2012 11:49:36 AM

    I think Homeside has done very well in turning around their processes and service to our professional broker channel. Just a bit of work to be done re documents, but good job.

  • by Broker 7/02/2012 12:57:12 PM

    I’m just happy that a bank is actually listening AND acting on their deficiencies to make a Brokers job just a bit easier, along with a decent upfront and a growing trail structure, this gives me enough reasons to recommend Homeside to my clients, sadly I can’t say that about some other banks…Any lender can easily grow or destroy their respective market share, with very little thought, as we have seen on so many occasions in the past.

    Just a bit or respect to a Broker from a lender goes a very long way, as we have very long memories!!!