House price rise a blow to 'doomsayers'

by BN07 Nov 2012

House prices showed a small rise in the September quarter, in a result that continues their recent level trajectory over a number of quarters.

The ABS detailed a 0.3% rise in house prices during the September quarter, a level 4.1% below their peak in 2010.

Housing Industry Association economist Geordan Murray said lower interest rates, a stable labour market, steadily rising household incomes, and population growth are providing a stabilising influence on prices.

“The economic reality must certainly be a blow to the headline-chasing doomsayers who can’t help but forecast an imminent collapse in Australian house prices,” Murray said.

However among the benign figures, the HIA did have a warning for WA policy makers, after an upward move of 1.8% in established dwelling prices.

“In combination with recent demographic data, the large move in the established price index for Perth should be ringing some alarm bells for the state’s policy makers," Murray said.

"With population growth in excess of 3 per cent, demand pressure on the existing housing stock is mounting and we are seeing this manifest itself in escalating home prices."


  • by NoTimeLikeTheFuture 7/11/2012 10:09:38 AM

    0.3% rise in 3 months is hardly stellar.

    The 'economic reality must be a blow to the headline chasing doomsayers'. Really?