Industry trainer sets up shop in India

by Caroline Dann30 Jul 2012

Australian institutions with India-based operations can employ local staff with Australian training qualifications, under a new scheme.

The Australasian Academy of Mentoring and Coaching (AAMC) has launched the 'Australian Vocational Education Training' scheme in Chennai, India, with the purpose of making local staff employable to Australian companies.
AAMC's managing director, Jeff Mazzini, told Australian Broker Online the scheme would benefit financial institutions, including the Big Four.
"An example of this is the four major banks are at various stages of expansion, along with many large Australian retail companies that are seeking to also enter that market. 
"We are also working with companies who have existing back office or processing centres to help them up-skill and develop their people to meet the Australian regulatory, management and leaderships skills," he said.
Five major Indian organisations have backed the scheme. "They all understand that what worked today will not work tomorrow and continual education is the key to all."
Mazzini said an Australian-style education was seen as a valuable asset in Asian economies.
"It’s amazing how much our Asian neighbours to the north understand the true value of Australian education and the various business models that can be rolled out into their environments as well."


  • by Country Broker 30/07/2012 11:14:45 AM

    can they call they ANZ and let them know the staff in Mortgage in the indian processing centre for home loan assessment need training NOW, they could satrt with speaking slowly and clearly and a basic understanding of australian Accounting principalsparticulary what add backs mean for NON CASH ITEMS!

  • by Jeff Mazzini- AAMC Training Group 30/07/2012 12:24:45 PM

    Country Broker- Thank you for your feedback, it’s all part of the type of training we can deliver. Basically what is done here in Australia can be delivered to the Indian staff as well.
    There are many talented workers and yes it’s all about the training to ensure the right outcomes, for all.

  • by Papery 31/07/2012 7:12:44 AM

    No..I think its all about cheap(er) labour costs.... so cut the Broker comms, outsource the back office to India, get rid of high cost Aust based workers encourage online & eftpos/ATM & voile.... better bottom line & better salaries/bonus for the fat cats in the ivory tower...Broker you get to work harder for less & dont try to service your client cos the Bank will make it easier for the client to do it themselves via internet, or a call centre and make it almost impossible for the broker to deliver the post s'ment aftercare which serves to distance the client Broker just a little bit. When will all Banks recognise the Broker is as important to the client post settlement also.