Infinitive the new face of Pisces

by BN09 Nov 2011

Pisces businesses have been given a new moniker, following their acquisition by investors.

In August, Australian Broker reported the acquisition of Pisces and Newsnet businesses by Santapu Limited, when the launch of "a range of new financial services products" was promised.

The business, which provides a suite of mortgage software services for mortgage brokers including CRM and electronic lodgement capabilities, has now been rebranded as Infinitive.

A statement from the group said the rebranding, which includes related marketing and messaging business Newsnet, would "provide one unified brand in the marketplace".

In addition, the company stated that these businesses continued to perform under new ownership and were delivering "healthy revenues" through both new and existing clients.

Speaking with Australian Broker, CEO Jega Rajan said the decision to change the brand was taken almost a month ago, but that it was only now being communicated to the market.

He added that the Pisces Group shell company had been put into liquidation by its owners, but all of its assets and effecitvely the entire business had been acquired by Santapu in August.

Rajan said the business was set to launch a new service in the personal finance space in coming weeks, and that the acquisition by investors had provided the business with resources for growth.

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