Insider: MasterChef serves up disappointment

by BN08 Jun 2012

The show may have come off the boil a bit in recent seasons, but Insider still can't get enough of MasterChef.

That's why he was so excited recently to come across a release saying that a major figure in the mortgage broking world was going to be making an appearance on his favourite gastronomical gala.

That's right, Loan Market let everyone know that its own Sam White would be making his MasterChef judging debut. And why wouldn't he be invited? White had participated in the recent CEO Cookoff in Sydney to raise awareness on food security and homelessness, and turned out to be among the top 10 fundraisers amid formidable competition from the other Aussie CEOs.

Insider had visions of Sam standing aloofly alongside George, Gary and Matt, pronouncing god-like culinary judgments upon the quivering contestants. Barring that, Insider at least expected to see him.

But, as it turns out, Sam was one of 25 judges. And unfortunately not one who was actually featured on screen (at least according to Insider's keen eye). We're sure Sam was as disappointed as Insider to see that his moments of MasterChef glory were relegated to the off-cuts pile.

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