Kane reviewing MFAA position

by Mackenzie McCarty05 Jun 2012

Advantedge head of broker platforms Steve Kane is in the process of reviewing his current position as president of the MFAA, he told Australian Broker Online.

Following his elevation within the Advantedge group to a position vacated by Steve Weston, Kane has said he is reviewing his continuing tenure as president to fully understand if the roles can co-exist.

"No decision has been made yet," Kane said.

"I will be doing this with the full knowledge of the MFAA board, and the full knowledge of NAB. We are working through a process, and we will need to see how that pans out," he said.

Today, MFAA CEO Phil Naylor told Australian Broker Online Kane was still valid as president, and that it was a matter for Kane to raise with the board if there was any perceived conflict.

In addition, Kane has outlined his plan for Advantedge groups FAST, PLAN and Choice, flagging that there would be no major shift in strategy for the group's following his appointment.

Instead, Kane said he would continue to raise the level of service Advantedge provides these groups.

“There will be no major shift in approach to the marketplace, we will continue to offer those services and support the broker channel as a viable channel in the market,” he said.

Kane said its focus would be on the continued provision of choice via its white label offerings, the continued upgrade of its software platform Podium, and increased diversification.

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