Ladybird readies fee-for-service model

by Ben Abbott08 Nov 2011

Brokerage Ladybird Home Loans is preparing a fee-for-service offering it will launch next year.

Based in Brisbane, Ladybird Home Loans owner Wayne Marks has said the business is working on a process and model that it will seek to roll out to clients in the new year.

"We believe you can charge a fee. We haven't actually introduced it - we were waiting for the final disclosures from ASIC - but we are now working on it," he said.

Marks said the model would be all about documenting what it is the business offers.

"We are working on having a tailored fee depending on the complexity of the transaction and what is involved," he said. "I think it has got to be tailored - you can't charge a flat fee for everything."

Marks said that if the offering is documented clearly in that way, the client will understand that if the business does not meet all the stated objectives, they won't be charged a fee.

"You have to be clear about what you do, and how you are different from the direct channel, because ultimately if you can’t differentiate yourself from the direct channel you won’t be able to charge a fee."

Marks said it was impossible for businesses to charge a fee-for-service if they had a "set and forget" mentality where they were just chasing the next transaction.