Last chance to claim surprise tax deduction

by BN02 Jun 2012

If you’re on a hunt for clever ways to boost your tax deduction savings before the end of the financial year, here's one that's fast, cheap and helps you become a savvy investor too.

The end of the financial year is fast approaching, thick with talk of tax returns. Knowing what expenses can be claimed can make a big difference to what refunds you get, so keeping an eye out for which receipts and statements will get you a rebate is a smart thing for any investor to do.

Property investors will be glad to hear that in this regard, a subscription to Your Investment Property magazine is fully tax-deductable.  As a self-education expense, it can help increase your income, and is hence something property investors can claim on.

And as education goes, you don’t get better. Featuring in-depth articles on how to climb the Australian property ladder, Your Investment Property is an indispensable tool for Australians who are thinking seriously about property investing.

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