Loan Ave launches 'Heartkids' Home Loan

by Ben Abbott02 Feb 2012

Loan Ave has launched a loan that will see it donate a portion of income to supporting children with heart disease.

For cusomters who take a Heartkids Home Loan, Loan Ave has said it will donate some of its profits to Heartkids SA, which assists children with childhood heart disease.

On an average loan balance of $350,000, Loan Ave will donate $100 upfront and $350 per year for every home or investment loan, which equates to $1850 over five years for the charity.

Loan Ave founders Paul and Michelle Collins were inspired to support the childhood charity after becoming friends with a very special “HeartKid”, Lewis Harrison, who survived surgery just after birth.

The group has also said in a statement that the move is one of corporate social responsibility and commitment to community, and not a trend or marketing exercise.

The Collins' said Lewis’ story had spurred them on to support other children with heart problems.

“Heartkids provide such value and are a network of support to those families impacted by congenital heart defects and its ongoing consequences,”  they said.

“Lewis’s story and so many others we have heard about and met have touched our lives personally and we wish to provide support that helps, grows and enriches our community.”

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