Loan Market spotlights women in broking

by Adam Smith28 Mar 2012

Loan Market has spotlighted women in the industry in an inaugural event for female brokers.

The broker has held its first "Women in Business" event in Melbourne, and is planning future events to focus on women in mortgage broking. Loan Market Victoria and Tasmania sales manager Beth Poyser said the event featured a panel discussion on "being female in a male-dominated industry".

"It's so important to ensure that we get together as a group to share ideas and get to know the other female brokers in our company and within the industry," she said.

Poyser said mortgage broking is an industry increasingly drawing female entrants.

"Loan Market has 35 female brokers in Victoria and Tasmania, while five of our top 20 brokers in those states were women. I have also had fantastic career opportunities at Loan Market after starting with the company as an administrative assistant," she said.

Poyser's comments echo those of MPA Top 100 Broker Katrina Rowlands, who told Australian Broker that unique aspects of mortgage broking pave the way for women to succeed.

“I wouldn’t be surprised if some key aspects of the way the industry is run have led to the abilities of women coming through. It’s things like the flexibility of work hours, the flexibility of management and the flexibility of being able to be the best you can be with what you can cope with in changing scales,” she said.

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