Loan Market welcomes Academy trainees

by Ben Abbott07 Feb 2012

Loan Market has announced that seven new brokers have been brought into the fold, following their graduation from the national mortgage broking group's Broker Academy.

After 24 months of 'rigorous' training and mentoring by New South Wales and Queensland-based training managers, the seven brokers are to start in February in locations in both Eastern states.

They follow 60 fully-fledged Broker Academy graduates, who have already joined Loan Market's ranks.

Loan Market national sales manager Mark De Martino said the newly enfranchised brokers were ready for their careers.

“The trainees are now fully accredited mortgage brokers with a Certificate IV and affiliations with financial service and industry associations and are shortly to embark on their Diploma in Financial Services," he said.

“They have been well prepared for their careers. The academy program has covered all aspects of the home finance industry and up to date training about the recent changes under the National Consumer Credit Protection (NCCP) legislation."

De Martino said their training included negotiating with lenders, lead generation, cross selling and building relationships with referral partners.

The program aims to provide new brokers with fundamental skills allowing them to marry together customer needs with the solutions they require.

“With so many mixed signals in the market on where prices and rates are heading, we need to ensure our brokers are offering a service that address the issues a 2012 consumer faces,” De Martino said.

Loan Market said borrowers today are sceptical of financial institutions and services following the GFC, and a 'duty of care' needs to be applied to ensure broker professionalism.

“A mortgage broker’s job is to make the task of purchasing a property and obtaining finance as stress-free as possible," De Martino said. "The advantage of a graduate program is that trainees learn these skill in an environment solely dedicated to their development," he said.