Looking for business? Try weddings

by Caroline Dann20 Jul 2012

Here’s a way to boost business: start wedding gift registries for newlyweds wanting help with a mortgage.

The latest trend in the wedding world is for couples to accept donations to a mortgage or home renovations. 
HatchMyHouse.com, launched by a Sydney husband-and-wife duo, is the antidote to state-of-the-art ironing boards and other superfluous gifts usually bestowed on unwitting couples. 
The site allows the newlyweds to build an online replica of their house, highlighting different areas that need funding. Guests can then donate anything from a flower pot or new bathroom to a mortgage payment.
Jennifer Kennedy, director of Sydney's Bells N Whistles Events, told The Daily Telegraph it was a natural step.
“The toaster, blender thing is so outdated. A lot of couples these days are already living together, so they want their cash…couples say ‘please don’t give us a gift, give us some cash to put towards our honeymoon, or mortgage or renovations’,” she said.
Tacky or shrewd? Either way, it’s gaining momentum and may be coming to a brokerage near you.