Macquarie plugs broker SMSF opportunity

by Mackenzie McCarty29 Oct 2012

Macquarie's head of mortgage sales Doug Lee has reiterated his case for brokers to look at SMSFs as a new opportunity.

Macquarie, which released an SMSF lending product in April this year, sees great opportunity for mortgage brokers to get involved in the expanding SMSF universe.

“There is real potential here for brokers who wish to specialise in this area to forge strong relationships with other finance professionals such as planners or accountants," Lee said.

"Brokers bring to the table their knowledge of loans, while planners can develop the clients’ long-term financial strategies.

“They can complement each other, and, in the process, strengthen their relationships with their SMSF clients by providing a seamless experience,” he said.

Head of mortgage product at Macquarie, James Casey, said the bank was garnering interest in its product.

"There is clearly a huge amount of interest in SMSFs, and in particular, borrowing to invest in property within SMSFs," he said.

Casey said despite the early stage of its product development, it was seeing many brokers who were focused on becoming familiar and comfortable with the concept of borrowing through super.

"We are getting a lot of enquiries and are working closely with brokers to help them understand not only our product, but also what is motivating SMSF clients and what they are looking for from their mortgage broker or adviser," Casey said.


  • by ozboy 29/10/2012 10:51:59 AM

    Bit late to the party guy's but you can help clean up the mess. If you still don't know what is motivating SMSF clients then get out of the business your taking up space!