Major targets brokers with discounts

by Caroline Dann17 Aug 2012

Westpac is targeting brokers in its latest spring campaign, offering discounts on a 'limited-edition' package loan.

The 'Premier Advantage Package' will offer a 0.9% variable rate discount, a three-year fixed rate of 5.79% or a 0.7% variable rate discount for full doc applications between $150k and $250k.
Westpac is also offering discounts on its insurance, including 10% savings on its Mortgage Secure protection.
The deal ends on Monday 24th September, it said.



  • by ozboy 17/08/2012 9:29:48 AM

    Their poor cousins have been taking their business so they need to buy it back. You should ask them about their commercial loans over $10M

  • by Dave Bowgen 20/08/2012 10:01:09 AM

    Isnt it amazing to see that 'everyone' NOW wants to be a mortgage brokers best friend. It wasnt so long ago they were trying to get rid of the broker.