Member engagement tops Leedham's list

by Mackenzie McCarty07 Aug 2012

New MFAA national president Martin Leedham has said the tasks facing the MFAA are many, and that member engagement still remains a priority for the association.

Speaking with Australian Broker Online, Leedham said following on from Steve Kane, who resigned to concentrate on his Advantedge role, member engagement would be critical.

“We have to remember that this is a big organisation – we have 11,000 members – so we need to communicate with our members, and get them understanding what we do and why we do it," he said.

With the MFAA in the midst of a large education push, Leedham says he will strive to ensure it continues to meet the needs of its members in areas such as Continuing Professional Development, by providing desirable learning formats.

“Some brokers want webinars and webcasts, while others want regional forums where they can interact face-to-face. We can’t neglect Facebook and LinkedIn either,” he said.

But Leedham said that a personal ambition, and one the MFAA was also committed to, would be capturing a new generation of creativity and ideas from brokers who are new to the industry.

“Newer people in the sub-40 age group are bringing in great new ideas,” Leedham said.

“They often come from varied backgrounds, are creative and well qualified, and easily adopt things like software for cross-selling, marketing and social media.”

Leedham says this new generation of brokers will demand change in the industry as well as new systems and technology, and consumers will be the beneficiaries of this metamorphosis.

“I want to encourage that energy and we need to make sure we provide the resources necessary for them,” he says.

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  • by Country Broker 7/08/2012 9:47:01 AM

    great to see a desireto engage with members , can I say regional forums are a great way of engaging with members who have problems with distance, yes regional members are small in number and this is a cost effective way of reaching those members , well done to the new president's desire to contine to engage , i feel that if you are willing to participate teh value proposition for our membership dollars is starting to be seen.