Merry Christmas from Australian Broker!

by Ben Abbott22 Dec 2011

That's right - it's that time of year again. Australian BrokerNews is signing off on its daily news service today, and will be back to bring you more news, opinion and analysis from 3 January.

It's been another eventful year in 2011, marked primarily by the transition to industry regulation and broker market consolidation, as well as the continuation of the post-GFC 'new normal' paradigm.

Though this meant continued challenges for individual brokers, for the opportunists among you, it has in fact meant more business, and increased recognition of your professionalism.

And Australian Broker can report that the year ends on a high note - with the glass half full.

Despite the turmoil in Europe, a poll conducted by Australian BrokerNews in the last week found that 56% of our online readers thought they would write more business in 2012 than in 2011.

Only 28% expected to write less, while 16% said the outcome would largely depend on Europe.

The team at Australian Broker - myself, news editor Adam Smith, and new MPA editor Kevin Eddy - are certainly excited about 2012, and the new developments we have planned for our products.

We look forward to telling you more about them next year. And as always, we'll remain committed to bringing you the industry's most-read print titles, and best online news opinion and analysis.

Merry Christmas, and stay safe.

Kind regards,

Ben Abbott

Editor, Australian Broker