MFAA heard if not seen: Naylor

by Adam Smith07 May 2012

MFAA chief executive Phil Naylor has assured brokers the group is active in lobbying efforts on behalf of its members, even if those efforts are not always publicised.

Speaking to the National Mortgage Brokers conference in Hamilton Island, Naylor told brokers the association had been active in lobbying government over issues such as the NCCP regime and the exit fee ban.

“There are a lot of different definitions of lobbying. My definition is it’s engaging the support of those who will assist you to achieve what your objectives are without pissing off those who are against you,” Naylor said.

“Sometimes, when dealing with politicians, that’s a very fine balance. Your enemy today might be your ally tomorrow,” he added.

Naylor said the MFAA had actively lobbied government and regulators through a variety of different means, and had seen a great deal of behind-the-scenes success from its efforts.

“Lobbying is carried out in lots of different ways. It could be simply writing submissions and lodging them with a government department. It could be meeting with politicians and regulators. It could be meeting with key financial journalists and getting them to understand our point of view and getting them to speak on our behalf, or it could be really orchestrating campaigns to make a point,” he said.

Naylor used the example of the exit fee ban, and pointed to nationwide newspaper advertising the MFAA used to speak out against the ban. While the ban went through, Naylor argued that such campaigns showed the government that the industry would be publicly vocal in opposition to policy it viewed as damaging or ill-informed.


  • by Scott Beattie 7/05/2012 10:20:46 AM

    Can I suggest that the MFAA make it's efforts visibile to it's members? Would an e-mail to members with a copy of the article be a good idea in case a client reads it, we can then discuss it with our client rather than now know what they are talking about.
    Perhaps in the magazines and or the email, let us know what's happening and what they are doing? That may stop some brokers asking what does the MFAA do for our money?

  • by ozboy 7/05/2012 10:45:52 AM

    I agree Scott, perhaps if they practiced what they preach especially in relation to transparency of what they are doing. Lot's of expectations put onto their members but little coming back the other way.

  • by Peter 7/05/2012 12:02:01 PM

    All we get are marketing emails spend spend money on MFAA expensive golf days and courses that we don't need. ie Diploma in mortgage broking. You wonder why we brokers think that MFAA are all about making money out of brokers rather than adding any value or protection to brokers???