MFAA launches campaign with cash incentive

by Caroline Dann20 Sep 2012

The MFAA has launched a new spring campaign to direct consumers to a mortgage information website, offering an additional cash prize as an incentive.

It’s hoping to attract more visitors to through a strategic Facebook and online campaign in a bid to encourage the use of MFAA-accredited mortgage brokers.
A $2,500 cash prize will be awarded to the consumer who best describes, in “25 words or less the first thing they would buy for their dream home,” it said.
“We also want our members to reach out to their existing and potential clients, who can win a great prize and get re-engaged with their broker,” said the MFAA’s CEO Phil Naylor.


  • by ozboy 20/09/2012 10:09:29 AM

    Great look forward to every bank that is an MFAA member to show their support by promoting this far and wide. Will check out the CBA facebook page shortly to see it there!?