Mortgage Choice: We will be financial planners

by Caroline Dann23 Aug 2012

Prominent Australian mortgage broking franchise Mortgage Choice has indicated it is no longer happy with just that - it plans to achieve a dominant place in financial planning as well.

At its company results announcement yesterday, CEO Michael Russell challenged the established view of Mortgage Choice as a franchise focused solely on lending, launching a planning arm.

“We want to be one of Australia’s largest and fastest-growing franchise operations across both models; at least 450 across each model,” he said.
The plans include operating 60 financial planning franchisees by 2015.
“We want to be a diversified financial services and wealth solutions business, where we engage our customers through their channels of choice,” he said. 


  • by james 24/08/2012 11:42:44 PM

    Jack of all trades master of none. Aissie. Ybr and mortgage choice I am glad they are first cause I can beat them evbery time.