MPA Top 100 clear record settlements

by Adam Smith09 Nov 2012


MPA magazine has named its Top 100 brokers for 2012, and brokers on the list hit an all-time high for settlements.
The Top 100, set to be revealed when MPA 12.12 hits desks this week, settled a combined $6.8bn. The settlements set an all-time record for the MPA Top 100, and saw the list crack the $6bn mark for the first time since 2008.
The MPA Top 100, the industry's original and most prestigious ranking, is now in its eighth year. Settlements by the Top 100 have grown to their current mark from $3.95bn in 2005.
The top 10 brokers on the list also saw record settlements, writing a combined $1.2bn over the year. By comparison, the inaugural list in 2005 saw the top 10 write a combined $733m in settlements.
To see the full list of MPA's Top 100 Brokers and find out how you rank against your peers, keep an eye out for MPA 12.12, on desks this week!