NCCP presents cross-sell opportunities

by Adam Smith12 Dec 2011

NCCP compliance and disclosure may be time consuming, but its side-effect may be that brokers greater cross-sell opportunities in 2012.

MPA Top 100 Broker Warren Dworcan of Rate Detective Home Loans told Australian BrokerNews the extra time spent with clients as a result of the legislation means he expects to improve his cross-selling in the year ahead.

“Under the new legislation - as well as the desire to service existing and new clients - over the last year we have developed our ability to offer insurances and, to a degree, financial planning. In 2012, it is my aim to focus a little more the products and services which we are able to cross sell. The more ties one has with their clients the closer the relationship and the more longevity of one’s business,” Dworcan said.

And though NCCP compliance can be “tedious and time consuming”, Dworcan said it would usher in a more professional industry in 2012.

“It is these changes that will remove people from the industry who are not able to keep up with change and those who are unable to offer the professional and expert service which the industry is striving for. Thankfully compliance, processes and transparency have always been a focus on my business and those people who work with me,” he said.

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