Our growth is not slowing: NAB

by Mackenzie McCarty02 Jul 2012

NAB has said it will continue to drive volumes through third party brokers as it grows above system levels and seeks a greater share of the mortgage market.

Speaking with Australian Broker Online, NAB executive general manager Antony Cahill said NAB had made no changes to its strategy, and continued to experience record volumes through brokers.

"NAB is not slowing mortgage lending," he said.

"Through our third party channels, NAB continues to experience record volumes, growing by more than three times the industry average."

"We remain well positioned to continue to grow above system and increase our market share. We will continue to work hard to grow volumes further," he said.

Cahill said the bank remained committed to providing the market with the lowest SVR of the major banks throughout 2012, and that it's commitment to brokers remains 'stronger than ever'.

"Focussing on the broker segment remains a key priority for NAB, and we’ll continue to invest in every aspect of the broker business including service, products and support to ensure our broker partners can provide the best service to our customers," he said.

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  • by Vast 4/07/2012 10:24:34 PM

    The way that NAB treats brokers's clients just pushing brokers away! NAB's banker are so irresponsible for brokers that is why this cheapest bank is not No.1 in the market.

  • by ozboy 5/07/2012 9:52:46 AM

    Vast are you still selling on price?

  • by Frank 5/07/2012 12:11:32 PM

    Vast can barely string a legible sentence together. You must have a high quality client base there buddy.