Our reputation in need of CRIA repair

by Ben Abbott02 Dec 2011

The credit repair industry is in the initial stages of banding together to repair an admittedly "bad reputation", through the formation of a new credit repair industry body.

Branded the Credit Repair Institute of Australasia (CRIA) and equipped with a newly-minted Code of Practice, the association is promising to provide standards for a "much maligned" industry.

Spearheaded by Oasis Credit Repair and industry veteran Graham Reibelt, the nascent association includes other key players in the industry, such as Clean Credit (John Dickinson), Trimarchi & Associates (Joe Trimarchi) and We Fix Credit (Alicia Candido).

CRIA spokesperson Simon Reibelt said the credit industry had until now "deserved its bad reputation, with many operators overcharging for the service they provide or in many cases don't provide".

"There are even operators charging as much as $1,000 just to have a client complete a Veda Advantage complaint form. These practices have to stop," he said.

The founding members of the CRIA hope a binding Code of Practice will be a way for brokers and clients to differentiate between possible "dodgy operators" and ethical credit repair firms.

The Code of Practice includes pledges not to charge non-fundable or refundable fees for things the credit repair agency knows cannot be done, or just charging large upfront fees in general.

Reibelt said in forming the CRIA a number companies offering credit repair declined any interest in joining a body with a binding Code of Practice, particularly because of these fee measures.

CRIA foundation member John Dickinson said "the industry has needed something like this for a long time so the ethical and professional credit repair firms be be seen as just that".

Reibelt said he expects that 15 to 20 members will eventually join the CRIA. The CRIA does not expect to start marketing until 2012, having only launched early this week.


  • by Canan 10/06/2012 7:27:55 PM

    I work from home and own a business, now that tighns are growing i plan on needing a line of credit etc.. i used too have 15 credit cards, department store, jewelry, furniture/visa/mastercard etc i closed all of them 8yrs ago. that was a mistake as now i have had some spots on my credit and i cannot get credit etc.. i have operated off of debit cards for years now. i own a business and work at home so i have the time and home office too get organized and tackle all of my credit report issues and resolve them etc i have paid off many auto loans ( installments) and revolving credit accts * credit cards. i have never screwed any lenders or businesses on any debits/loans etc . the negative shit on my credit history is a 25 thousand dollar entry for medical bills that a guy sued me for in a fight. the reality is that i was a correction officer in a prison years ago and a felon was released after 4yrs. he recoginized me at a blockbuster video store and attacked me with a large chain. i reacted to defend myself and he ended up with over 25k in med bills and he sued me! lol.. a judgement was awarded as he purjured himself and his scumbag lawyer went after me for the amount. i refused and i will never pay a dime and somehow this judgement continually appears on my credit report. this issue has hurt my credit obviously, this judgement was in 1997. i have not heard from he or his scumbag lawyer. Im trying too simply fix my credit and raise my credit score and just qualify for some visa/mastercard etc also eventually i would like too have a small business credit line and a credit card or 2. i have the option of pre paid secure card accounts thru my bank. i would like to start their and begin negotiating with the credit trw type places. please no spammers with overnight scams on . im simply seeking answers from those that have knowledge or experience/advice. I appreciate all answers and your time! thanks do you guys know of a free credit report site that doesnt offer spam or sign ups or my debit card info etc it seems that these sights want too pull you in and bill ya right away .. a free report helps me figure out where im at and then maybe i could pay for a service if that is necessary. IDEAS? OPINIONS?why i was sued is irrelevant! i love that compliment by the poster that it doesnt make sense? REALLY? oj simpson being found not guilty makes no sense!your comments, MAKE NO SENSE! how bout this, lets answer the question! and it has too do with credit!!!