Over half of Aussies admit to 'bank rage'

by Mackenzie McCarty02 Jul 2012

A new survey claims over half of Australians have experienced a case of "bank rage", defined as anger or significant frustration toward their financial institution.

A Heritage Bank survey found that 53% of respondents to a recent survey have suffered from bank rage in the past, which equates to around 9.1 million Australians.

The survey claims that around twice as many big four bank customers - or 59% - have felt anger and frustration, compared to 31% of customers who use a mutual bank, credit union or building society.

The survey, conducted by Colmar Brunton research, asked 1,000 Australians which companies they felt the most frustration towards.

Nearly one in five people said they feel more frustration towards their financial institution than other organisations they deal with, while two in five have already switched institutions because of a very negative experience or incidence.


  • by Brent 2/07/2012 12:51:09 PM

    59% of my customers have expressed "Bank Rage" with Heritage Bank!

  • by Broker 3/07/2012 12:39:37 PM

    I wonder how many brokers have experienced "Broker Rage" ?? now that would surely be 100% !