Pick-up protection proposed, as broker 'up-fronts' fail

by Ben Abbott16 Mar 2012

Are your pick-up lines failing to achieve 'settlement'? How much work are you putting into your 'upfront'? And what regulatory body can you rely on if that opening conversation turns sour?

According to Peter Stuyvesant (14 March 2012, 12:53PM), dodgy commercial lenders who collect fees and don't follow through with the loan or service have distinct pub-based comparisons.

"I mean, if a girl asks me for a drink at a pub and then the transaction does not follow its natural course I am hurt too. Is there a regulatory body for this?," he asks.

Bob Anderson on (14 Mar 2012 12:57 PM) can surely sympathise with Peter's complaint.

"You have raised a great point, lets get onto ASIC about an EDR for the pub situation you have raised. My aggregate spending at pubs with no "settlement" would top 50K over the years. So this is definitely an issue... and this is consumer!" he said.

Paul Pajamas (14 Mar 2012 01:05 PM) obviously thought these two brokers had some work to do on their sales pitch, and making a close. "I think you will find the better looking blokes have a beter strike rate... maybe you need to work on your up-front?" he said.

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