Poll: Are arrears rates in your area that bad?

by Caroline Dann11 Sep 2012

Recent studies show arrears rates are increasing, particularly for low-doc loans. 

Last month, Queensland took the dubious title of worst state for arrears rates, followed by NSW in a study released by Fitch Ratings.
WA fared the best with a low arrears rate, while SA and the Northern Territory remained stable.
As a broker, have you witnessed an increase in arrears from your clients? 

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  • by Country Broker 11/09/2012 10:48:36 AM

    In Regional VIC the trend is not that bad it seems stable with very few mortgagee auctions in our area.
    Ratings agencies ALWAYS highlight the worst trend as that is how they justify their existence it was a pity the US the parents of Fitchs and other ratings agencies could not highlight concerning trends in the markets before the GFC instead of giving toxic Mortgage Backed securities AAA ratings . how quickly we all forget .

  • by PeterT 11/09/2012 12:24:20 PM

    What arrears rate? My book rate is 0% on 30 & 60 days and always has been. Clients and securities are Australia wide.