Poll: How much of your revenue is diversified?

by Ben Abbott22 Mar 2012

The pressure is on to diversify your business - but where is your business revenue coming from?

Australian Broker is asking readers to identify just how much of their business revenue now comes from diversified sources outside of a mortgage, including insurances, property services and advice.

How far are you along the diversification path? Have your say!


  • by Andrew Gardner 19/03/2012 11:29:51 AM

    I could not agree more, diversification is critical for today's broker, I have been charging fees to arrange loans for the past ten years, when the banks cut comm's in 2008 I expanded my non-finance support services and added risk, 28% off my upfront and trail income now comes from non-finance services and my client relationships are closer than ever.

  • by Rachael Witton 22/03/2012 1:18:09 PM

    Financial services is a diverse and dynamic industry made up of many professionals. Diversification of revenue is key to survival for many business owner / operators however diversification and dilution of skills is the result. Clients need to expect the most appropriate advice and support for their circumstances. To be recognised as a professional in the eyes of your client, your peers and in the industry it is imperative to acknowledge where the gaps are in your own experience and knowledge and secure appropriate support.