Productivity paramount, but no 'foot off the pedal'

by Adam Smith28 Nov 2011

Companies will have to drive greater productivity in the New Year as the full force of NCCP comes to bear on the industry.

LJ Hooker Finance general manager Peter Bromley has said the company will look to build greater efficiencies into its broker network in 2012, and that the industry at large would have to do the same.

“We’ll be looking toward efficiencies and productivity gains. The other side to this in the industry this year is the whole industry has gone through this NCCP stuff. Every broker organisation added numerous forms as a result. It’s in our own benefit to look at how we can improve the efficiency and productivity of the industry’s brokers,” he said.

This productivity drive will not necessarily have to come at the expense of growth. Bromley LJ Hooker had recently added Adelaide Bank to its line of funders, joining ING Direct and Advantedge. He said the company was planning another “small addition” to its funding line before Christmas.

"Any banker will tell you that product management never stops. I would say our product management will continue in terms of what we do in 2012. We’ve got a bit of growth to go, but we won’t do that growth at the expense of productivity and efficiency. I don’t see ourselves taking our foot off the pedal just yet,” he said.

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