Refund critics a 'disgruntled minority'

by Adam Smith07 Dec 2011

Another Refund franchisee has come forward claiming the majority of the company's brokers are excited about the business' potential sale and their future with the new owners.

The franchisee told Australian BrokerNews on condition of anonymity that the Refund brokers who were criticising the administrator and the sale of the company represent a disgruntled minority.

The broker claimed that most of the business' franchisees plan to stay with the company.

"Everyone I've spoken to - and I've been here for quite some time - want to continue going forward with the business. The unfortunate thing about this is with the negative publicity some broking groups don't know how we operate," he said.

The franchisee said most Refund brokers have seen good returns from their business, and argued that the model of refunding commissions is one that works.

In spite of the company entering voluntary administration, he said most Refund brokers have continued to operate as normal.

"The majority of franchisees are still conducting business just as they were doing before the administration," he said.


  • by Refund Broker 7/12/2011 12:13:25 PM

    I must be one of the disgruntled brokers and business is not as usual as the stats show on brokernet - the numbers have reduced more than drastically. It is Wednesday and 4 of the 5 top brokers are only listed, meaning only 4 brokers have settled loans this week out of 350 and the fourth broker has only settled $45000. (That is NOT business as usual) This article is obviously from a broker that has a vested interest to try and protect a name that is and should be tarnished. The founder should have been made more of an example by ACCC when he misrepresented them and a lot of people would not be in as such a bad position as they are now. This clearly shows the basis of his "franchise selling" business.

  • by Anon 7/12/2011 12:36:38 PM

    I agree, where is this majority of content Refund Franchisees. All of the one I have spoken feel exactly opposite. This is just spin from a RHL spokes person.

  • by Broker 7/12/2011 3:34:24 PM

    Why fork out for a franchise in the first place when you can just aggregate through say Coonnective or eChoice for a whole lot less than a franchise fee