Restless borrowers drive credit job hunger

by 07 Feb 2012

Market dynamics are driving a rise in credit analyst positions within banking institutions.

According to a quarterly report on banking and finance jobs from recruitment agency Hays, credit analysts are at the forefront of demand despite much-publicised lay-offs across the banking sector.

The Hays report said banks running competitive lending campaigns are experiencing higher volumes than anticipated, leading to a rise in loan refinancing, variations and discharge requests.

"Experienced mortgage credit analysts with DLA are sought," Hays said. "We have seen a lift in demand for residential credit analysts since competition between domestic banks is very high."

The agency said credit analysts with a strong knowledge of Australian regulatory guidelines are also in demand due to preparation for incoming Basel III requirements.

In recent weeks, banks have been forecast by UBS to reduce their Australian headcount by 7000 within two years. This has been followed by ANZ and Westpac axing a series of jobs.

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