Social media can solve insurance issues

by 29 Sep 2012

With 95% of Australians having inadequate insurance coverage, inclouding on their mortgage, it is clear traditional methods of insurance awareness have failed. So can a unique social media campaign solve this issue? Brokers can get involved too...

A group of Melbourne marketing students certainty believe a new media strategy can lift poor insurance rates with Australians.
According to B&T, the postgraduate students from RMIT plan to experiment with Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and Youtube to try and engage younger audiences.
“It’s clear that something if not working and I think we have a real opportunity to rectify that,” said the university’s senior marketing lecturer Dr Angela Dobele on why Australian do not have enough insurance.
“We’re interested in seeing how new approaches to marketing of insurance might help generate more public discussion and interest in this area.”
The 60 students have used a mix of humour and visual creativity to highlight the shortfalls to digital viewers. Some have hit the streets as drop bears, while others dressed as koalas to draw attention to the campaign.
“For us, this is not about promoting one company over any other. We’re interested in working with any companies who want to help develop graduate capabilities in this area, and would welcome hearing from others,” Dr Dobele said.
“But we’re grateful for the fantastic enthusiasm and support this company has given to our students.”