Social media given thumbs down by buyers

by Caroline Dann17 Jul 2012

Buyers are officially giving social media the thumbs down, preferring traditional selling tools of face-to-face contact.

A recent poll conducted by PRDnationwide found 76% of respondents were not more attracted to a property if it was marketed through Facebook or Twitter.
Only 10% responded positively to social media tools.
While the study looked at buyers in an agency setting, brokers are increasingly using social media to target a younger generation.
Speaking to Australian Broker Online, broker Colin Sheppard said embracing social media through recommendations, awareness of trends and an online presence (Twitter, mostly) was key to convincing a younger generation of your credentials.
"Generation Y is very savvy and uses different mediums to research prior to making a buying decision. They rely on technology and are heavily influenced by their inner circle of friends when making a buying decision.
"This is in contrast to older generations who seek professional advice, read articles, magazines and attend property investment seminars to research prior to purchasing," he said.
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  • by Country Broker 17/07/2012 10:54:04 AM

    cCuld not agree more with this even Gen X & Y want to see me face to face, once teh deal is done they want communication by email and SMS

  • by PeterT 17/07/2012 12:53:44 PM

    Social media is useful for dispensing general information to a wide audience, but it's certainly not a one-on-one communications tool. I definitely wouldn't send a client a 'status update' via Facebook.
    I use it the same way I use my website. It's not really for lead generation, but when people do hear about me they check out my business via the website before calling.