St. George to expand BDM access

by Adam Smith16 Nov 2011

St. George's Clive Kirkpatrick has vowed to expand BDM access beyond the bank's top tier brokers, and has begun implementing a number of other service improvements.

Kirkpatrick told Australian BrokerNews he has met with aggregators and brokers to ask for feedback, and will implement changes to enhance the bank's offering to brokers.

"They told us pretty clearly what we could do better, and part of that was around our call centre management," he said.

Kirkpatrick said changes to the management of the bank's call centre have seen wait times cut down and service improved. He also touted upcoming changes to St. George's policies on BDM acccess.

"Formerly, if you were an accredited broker you could only deal with the call centre. We're looking to change that, and you can expect us to announce something on that toward the end of the month," Kirkpatrick said.

The bank's BDMs will also be equipped with iPads to stay abreast of credit policy criteria, and to better inform brokers of St. George's requirements, Kirkpatrick said. He argued that better equipped BDMs could aid brokers in submitting quality applications.

"If we've got a deal that has everything we need to make a decision, we can turn that deal around five days earlier," he said.

Kirkpatrick tipped further service announcements in the weeks ahead, and said the bank was examining several improvements to its mortgage processes.

"We're kind of back-ending November for a bunch of announcements of improvements," Kirkpatrick said.

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  • by Broker 16/11/2011 3:33:11 PM

    Having just spent 28 minutes on hold to their scenarios area, they have a long way to go as it appears that little has changed in the past 8 years!