Symond slams Diploma laggards as Aussie upskills

by Mackenzie McCarty30 Jul 2012

Aussie's John Symond has accused brokers against further education of being 'selfish' and 'lazy', as the group laid claim to being the most highly qualified large mortgage brokerage in the country.

In a scathing assessment of brokers who are against the Diploma, Symond says they are destined for extinction in a world where consumers and regulators are demanding much higher standards.

Aussie has always been a proponent of higher education and our people are the best qualified and academically enhanced of anyone in the industry and we will continue that," Symond said in an exclusive interview with Australian Broker Online.

“Some of the broker numbers out there call Aussie a bully [for enforcing higher standards], but they are just lazy people, who don’t want to lift their own standards.

"They are selfish and think just because they can fill out a loan application form that is an adequate service to consumers.”

All of Aussie's brokers have - or are in the final stages - of a Diploma of Financial Services (Mortgage Management), and all of the sales leadership team now also holds a Diploma.

“No other major brokerage has achieved this level of qualification," executive director of the group James Symond said. “Ensuring all of our brokers are diploma qualified underpins our commitment to provide the best possible service to our customers.” 

James said linking Diploma learnings with its broker Academy ensured it lead the market on service.

"We want all customers to ask their broker if they are qualified to offer advice, and to check they are a member of an industry body with consumer advocacy at its heart like the MFAA, as is the case with Aussie,” he said.

Aussie broker Whitlam Malkoun from Melbourne said completing the Diploma taught him that his business revolved around the customer and not the transaction. 

"I was more aware of working on my business and not just in my business and it gave me a renewed confidence," he said.

"I am now focussed on always approaching my business in a different and more productive manner, keeping the customer at the centre of it and focusing on growth.”

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  • by John Robbo 30/07/2012 9:43:28 AM

    I have been in this industry for over 25 years. Why the hell should I have to go & re learn what I have been doing for the last 25+ years just to keep my competitors happy. How dare I be called lazy & selfish. He used to represent this industry. Now - he will side with the highest bidder. He is a disgrace!

  • by PC 30/07/2012 9:53:22 AM

    I suggest Mr Symond go and do his homework before making beatup statements like this....

  • by Tom 30/07/2012 9:56:01 AM

    A real slap in the face for brokers with decades of industry experience. Symond is obviously advertising and promoting Aussie. Experienced brokers who attend the Diploma workshops can easily answer any questions and even run the workshops themselves if they have a teaching background. Education is great but experience has much more practicality over education. If you think that experienced brokers that do not do the Diploma will become extincted then you are the one dumber than I thought.

    Symond you have just put yourself in the same category as MFAA. Out there for your own gain!