Tax time could boost your referrals

by Mackenzie McCarty28 Jun 2012

Mortgage brokers could be making more out of their referral relationships at tax time, according to one brokerage.

With the end of financial year just around the corner, Mortgage Choice has said tax time is a chance for brokers to support their referral network, building and reinforcing their existing relationships.

"Mortgage brokers can utilise their referral partner relationships at timely intervals throughout the year. Tax time may be one such occasion," said company spokesperson Belinda Williamson.

"This will help to ensure referral partners are keeping the broker top of mind," she said.

"The end of the financial year presents an opportunity to communicate with existing or potential customers about a broker’s relationship with credible and relevant experts who may be able to further assist locals in achieving a range of financial goals," she explained.

In order to do this, Williamson said that brokers need to keep their customer database up to date, with any written and verbal enquiries from customers who have expressed interest in a referral partner.

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