The coalface: Asian clients spur Abacus onward

by Ben Abbott20 Dec 2011

“Count on us,” reads the slogan of Kellie Lam’s busy mortgage brokerage – very appropriate, considering the business’ full name is in fact Abacus Home Loans.

And if continued business growth is anything to go by, Lam will indeed be counting more profit this year, thanks to the diversity of her primarily Asian client base across Sydney.

In business for the last eight years, Abacus has until recently thrived out of an office in the Sydney suburb of Hurstville, building a referral network though Asian communities.

However, the business has embarked on a new expansion plan in recent months, and will be working on driving this in what Lam said will be a “challenging and interesting year”.

The business will first be bedding down the addition of a new city office - added to provide a more central location for clients to visit its three brokers and five loan writers.

In addition, the business has started to advertise through foreign language publications in Sydney, to play to its strength; Mandarin, Cantonese and Korean are spoken in the office.

Lam said this year will see growth in refinance and the investor markets.